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FAQ / Help

What is OXIPAY

Oxipay is a flexible and secure way for you to shop today and pay over time to ensure you can have what you need now.

How do I sign up to OXIPAY

All you need is your email, mobile, be at least 18 years old, have an New Zealand address and your credit or debit card from which payments will be deducted automatically. You can sign up on the Oxipay home page or through our online checkout – just select Oxipay as your payment option.

What are the fees and charges with OXIPAY

Oxipay is a payment plan that is totally interest free. If your payments don’t reach us by the due date, we will charge you a late payment fee of $10. A $30 collection fee may also be applied if any payment is still outstanding more than 7 days after your due date.

How much can I spend on Oxipay? When are my payments due?

You can spend up to $1000. Check your available balance in your Oxipay Customer Account. Your first payment is charged at time of purchase. We will email your payment schedule and send reminders before payments are due.

How do I return an item purchased with Oxipay?

Contact us at about any returns. We will notify Oxipay to refund payments made and/or cancel further payments.

How can I change my order details (Date,Name,Free Personalised Message)

If you have already made your order, get in contact with us immediately before the requested time you have made to ship/deliver at  or through our instagram & facebook

Where is my order????

We only ship: Monday-Thursday with a cut off time of 3pm: This is due to the fact we do NOT want your box sitting in a depot for a couple of days; we want your box to arrive with fresh donuts!

Please note:

We are your friends – we will investigate where your order is, and do our best to act in good faith when things go wrong: But we are NOT liable once the box leaves our office – this goes into investigation with you and the courier.

What is the latest time of day to order? 

 If you place an order before 3pm we will send you purchase that night for next day delivery 

Where do you deliver?

We send our boxes all round New Zealand, if you think your under a RURAL address get in contact with us at 

How do I request a delivery date?

When you find a box you want click add to cart, you have the option to continue shopping or proceed to check out, before you proceed to check out you will have the option to add a "Free Personalised Message" add your requested delivery date in this Message 

What days do you deliver? 

We send our boxes out Monday too Thursday at this stage, but are open 7 days a week.

Do you deliver weekends?

IF you give us an email before Friday 3pm – we can do a Saturday delivery NATIONWIDE to you – at an extra cost. Email us:

What if I’m not home when the box arrives?

  1. We will put the box at the front door – hidden away from sunlight.
  2. If the driver believes that the box is NOT safe to leave – the box will return to us back at base in Christchurch. And additional costs apply to have it resent.

(Please just make sure that the box can be left on the premises in an appropriate place – add these details to your delivery instructions)

Can I send to a rural address?

Unfortunately, no, we are working on it – but here right now we don’t want any issues with the box sitting in a post office up to 3 days


Yes; all our boxes contain: Dairy, Gluten, Egg, Peanut. Alternative boxes to come.

Do you do custom boxes?

Yes: Email us:

When should I eat my box?


Even though we do overnight delivery – we want your goodies inside to be nice and fresh.